Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Something to be thankful for

A working dishwasher! Our dishwasher broke almost two weeks ago and we had a new one installed this evening. I'm so happy! We finally have enough plates and bowls that I can actually use the dishwasher once a day and won't have to pull things out of it to wash by hand and use again. My challenge this week has been to keep the kitchen spotless, washing the dishes after each meal and making sure everything was put away instead of leaving it on the counter. I really love having a clean kitchen and having a dishwasher again will make this so much easier!

Many thanks to the homeowner and the property management company for arranging for a new dishwasher to be delivered and installed!


Julie Fukuda said...

The house we lived in when the kids were small had a dishwasher and it was worth it with eight people but I love getting things cleaned up and back in the cupboard at the end of the meal.

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