Monday, October 27, 2014

Social worker visit and medical appointment

I kinda feel like my cat some days.

Today we started working on our medical clearance for the adoption. Our naturopath is awesome. She had both of us in her office at once, taking turns with the various medical stuff. We thought we'd have to visit the hospital for the actual blood draw like we did last year. Nope! She did the blood draw today in her office. The results should be available tomorrow.

The only other thing we have left on the medical form is a TB test. We found a clinic that takes walk-ins for TB testing so we're going there first thing tomorrow morning. Then we wait for the results of that test, combine it with the results from the blood testing today, and then figure out how to get a notary to our doctor's office to notarize her signature.

Our home study visit yesterday went well. Our social worker was here for about 45 minutes, talking about what we've learned about older child adoption over the past year, the losses we've faced this year (hubby's dad, my grandpa, our first adoption). Then she asked if she could see the bedroom we put together. That was it! Quick visit and she said our new home study will be ready by the middle of November. She's just waiting for us to finish the medical clearance and for the state to mail back our child abuse clearances.

We're slowly making progress!


Julie Fukuda said...

It seems a pity to have to jump through the same hoops all over again.
Certainly you were able to answer well about what you have learned from the previous hoop-jumping.

Ann HisGraceToMe said...

Praying that all goes smoothly for you.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there!

I agree with Julie Fukuda: it's such a pity to have to keep jumping through the same bureaucratic hoops.

Yoli said...

Glad you are making progress, stay positive. A great attitude helps immensely.