Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Fun stuff!

Our agency expects that we will receive pre-approval to adopt Jenny sometime in December. If that is God's will for us, we are hoping that it will happen very soon! Once we receive pre-approval, we are allowed to send Jenny her first care package. In preparation, we ordered a photo album from Amazon this weekend.

We can record a 10 second message so that she'll be able to hear our voice while looking at our photos.

I love that there is space provided next to each photo to write a description.

And there's even a page to write an inscription to her.

We have to take a few new photos, primarily of her bedroom, before printing all the photos and filling out the descriptions. The care package is almost ready to go and I can't wait until we receive the word that we're ok to mail it off! I hope she enjoys this album!


Julie Fukuda said...

Sounds like great fun in anticipation.

Maurita said...

My kiddos still love looking at the album we made for them before meeting them and they are both now in their 20's! I love the idea of the recordable voice.

Yoli said...

The album looks fantastic!

Mary M. Cline said...

Have fun with the album and praying that all goes well and Jenny loves it.