Monday, January 5, 2015

Skype and care packages

We have our first Skype date scheduled! I am so excited because it's in less than four weeks. I am also terrified because the Skype call on our last adoption attempt was awkward and not at all what we had expected. I'd almost rather go into this Skype call with no prior experience because I know how hard it can be. On the other hand, I know a few things I can do to help it go better. Hopefully this Skype call will go much more smoothly. At least we know that Cin-Ru wants to be adopted!

Because we have a few weeks until our first Skype call, we have time to prepare a care package for her to open on the call. I am excited to put this package together for her. We already have a couple of things picked out to send and want to pick out one more. Hopefully we can go shopping tomorrow to find that last item. I want to send the package off as soon as possible so that it will definitely arrive before our call.

All of our dossier paperwork is on its way to California! We received the contracts this morning, finished filling out dossier paperwork, and visited the notary this afternoon. The notary was so fast. He just signed everywhere we pointed. We were in and out in only 15 minutes, which means we made it to the post office in time to guarantee delivery to our agency tomorrow.

Next up - sending the contracts back to Taiwan so that the agency will release the rest of Cin-Ru's paperwork. We need that in order to submit our I600 application to USCIS. The I600 is the US government's method of verifying that Cin-Ru is an orphan and thus eligible to be adopted by an American. While that is going on, our agency will send our dossier to a couple government offices to get the authentication processed. That prepares all of our paperwork for the court process.

I am trying so hard not to figure out a timeline of how much longer it could possibly be until we travel. I've already worked out a rough estimate in my head but don't want to rely on that. We know first hand how much things can change. After all, it's already been over 18 months and we still have a long way to go. All of our research showed that Taiwan adoptions are supposed to take under a year. In the meantime, I will just take it one day at a time!


Mary M. Cline said...

So excited for your first Skype with your daughter. Pray that it doesn't take to long for you to bring your daughter home.

Carrie said...

For whatever reason, this post didn't show up in my feed. I was thinking, "Long time no news updates" so I've come to "manually" check and I'm so glad I did!!

YAY for a Skype call. Will be praying for that. In some ways, you can relax more with her because she's said yes. You can let her see the love and relax a bit! (But again, I will be praying for this.)

SO HAPPY for progress!!