Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Poor kitties

I woke up at four am to the sound of mewing. It didn't register at first that it wasn't one of our cats. As I woke up, I realized that the sound was coming from outside. We opened the door, turned on the patio light, and saw nothing. It took awhile, but eventually, a tiny kitten walked in front of our patio. The kitten couldn't have been more than seven or eight weeks old!

Hubby and I tried but couldn't catch the kitten as it was feral and ran. While I don't want another cat (we have three!), I was hoping to catch it, spay or neuter it, and then find it a new home. It broke my heart to see such a tiny kitten loose in the neighborhood. I left a handful of cat food on the patio and hopefully the kitten will return tonight to find dinner. Poor baby.

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