Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Household projects

One of my current projects is putting together a recipe book. Hubby and I have been eating a vegan diet for the past five months but half of my recipe collection requires dairy. It's time I finally update my recipes.

I've been looking for a three ring binder for quite awhile. I wanted something pretty and durable. After looking at Wal-Mart, Target, Office Max,, and Staples, I finally found the perfect binder.

I love it. It's very elegant and pretty. Perfect for a homemaker!

Now I have to type out all of my recipes. I've recently fallen in love with Microsoft's OneNote program and am slowly adding all of my recipes to a virtual notebook. I love that the notebooks can be set up with tabs so I can easily find the recipe I'm looking for. It's so much easier to use than Word.

I'm still trying to perfect my "refried" beans recipe. The last batch came out rather bland. I write down all the ingredients in each batch so that I can figure out the perfect combination to make fat free, flavorful beans. Making "refried" beans from a bag of beans is very simple and just involves tossing everything in a crockpot. I also know it's way cheaper and healthier than buying them canned. But I'm still trying to perfect the taste.


LaVonne said...

You will have to post some of your favorite recipes. I love getting new vegan recipes :)


Cassandra said...

LaVonne, I will post recipes as soon as I deem them fit for consumption! :) I borrowed library books recently about the "hows and whys" behind cooking so that I can figure out why one thing works and another doesn't instead of blindly following recipes. I think I'm too picky!

My favorite recipe so far is tortilla soup. Yum!

Anonymous said...


I did this a few weeks back (e.g., compile a recipe book), but it was just from recipe's that I found on-line. I am not brave enough to concoct my own meals from cratch.

I really like your recipe notebook though. It is very ellegant and homemaker-like. Where did you find it?

~Mrs. Lady Sofia~

Cassandra said...

Mrs. Lady Sofia, I alter almost every single recipe I try. lol. I don't create recipes from nothing, but I do alter recipes from the web or from a cookbook. Right now I'm trying to perfect a refried beans recipe and I just tried a onion pie recipe that needs some tweaking. I'm not sure what to add to the recipe, but the onion pie was very sweet and it needs something to counter the sweetness.

I love that notebook! I finally found it at Office Max.