Tuesday, May 3, 2011

God has felt forsaken

Today's reading was Matthew 27:27-66. This section would have been incredibly depressing if I had not known the end of the story. Soldiers mocking Jesus. Jesus being nailed to a cross. Pain. Suffering. Death. Burial. A guarded tomb.

So what did I learn about God?
And about the ninth hour
Jesus cried out with a loud voice,
saying, “Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?”
that is, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?”
Matthew 27:46

Jesus has felt like He has been forsaken. He knows! My God knows what life is really like. He knows what it means to struggle. To feel depressed. I heard this same message just a couple days ago. God understands.

When I feel down, I can reach out to God and know that He understands. If you need comfort, isn't it best to go to someone who understands where you've been? If I need comfort, I can go to God because He knows. It sounds like such a simple message, but I needed to hear it today.

Father, thank You! I was feeling down today. Struggling with my emotions. But I am reminded now that You understand me better than anyone else. Please help me to remember to turn to You instead of feeling like there is no one who can understand. Thank you!


Anonymous said...


I have been reading the reflections of your bible studies over the past few days, and it sounds like you are learning quite a bit from them.

It seems silly of me that I could think that God does not understand my sufferings and pain, especially after all the misery that He endured on the cross. Yet, my sinful human tendencies block all those facts out of my mind, which causes me to forget. Your reflection has helped me to "remember" again. :)

-L. Rose

Cassandra said...

Lady Rose, I too struggle with feeling like God doesn't really understand. Either that or that He insists that I get over the struggles. Both are false. While God does want me to move past the struggles in life, I don't believe it's a "now or never" type of situation. God is patient with me; I just need to remember that!