Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall into Reading

I've seen this reading challenge come and go over the past several years but have never participated. Katrina wrote that the point of the challenge is to "read some books I might not otherwise read." I have a few books that I intend to read but procrastinate because they are too intimidating. It's time to tackle several of them!


North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell - I have yet to start reading this book even though I've borrowed it from the library several times.

The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky - I asked my husband if he had any suggestions for this reading challenge. This was his immediate response. He's only been suggesting it for the past three years; it's probably time I accept his challenge.


My Life by Bill Clinton - Another recommendation from my husband as he had heard that it was really good.

I'm a bit worried that I wouldn't be able to get through all three of these books! Each one is really long - 452, 735, and 957 pages respectively. Oh, well. That's why it's called a challenge, right?


Anonymous said...

how long to do you have to read them in?

Gigi Ann said...

They look like three pretty heavy books, maybe you could read something light between each book, to make your reading more fun. I read about half of North and South by Ms. Gaskell last year, but couldn't get through the whole book. I tried. Have a fun reading challenge and relax and enjoy your 2012 Fall Reading.

Thanks for the visit to my Reading Corner today.

Susanne said...

That is quite the reads you've picked. Enjoy your reading!

Anne said...

North and South is a wonderful book. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

bekahcubed said...

I SOOO procrastinate long books like these--although I really enjoyed Crime and Punishment, so I'm definitely considering reading some more Dostoevsky soon.

Landslide said...

North and South is in my TBROD (To Be Read One Day) list. Hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my site. I have not read North and South; however,I have watched the BBC 4-part mini-series. I highly recommend you watch it after you finish the novel. You'll fall in love with the actor Richard Armitage. Also, I thought I'd leave you with a factoid - Elizabeth Gaskell and Charlotte Bronte were friends, and Elizabeth wrote The Life of Charlotte Bronte, after Charlotte's death.

Tamara said...

whoa. totally intimidated by these choices. haha.

I will say though that North and South was one of my mom's favorite books. :)

Good luck with them!

Anonymous said...

Reading even one of these is an accomplishment in itself ;-) I want to read all those classic books you've mentioned! Thanks for your kind comment on my blog :-) Happy reading to you, too <3

Veggiemomof2 said...

I can't believe you think my list is intense! That is some impressive list you have there.

Katrina doesn't necessarily say we need to read something we've procrastinated anymore. She just wants us to set any kind of reading goal & go for it! One year I set the goal of keeping up on reading & passing on the magazines I receive & that was quite a challenge.

Good Luck & Happy Reading!

Adriana said...

I have not read any of those... I kind of really don't like to read long books only because I like to read as many books as I can at one time.
Happy Reading!

Trish said...

So great that you're joining in - it's such a fun challenge! Good luck with your list; I have to admit being pretty scared of such long books myself. :)