Thursday, February 20, 2014

New home study on its way to Taiwan

I've had several projects that I have wanted to post about this week. Instead of posting, though, I've been concentrating on making significant progress on said projects.

We did receive a terrific piece of mail today: our new home study! Because of the additional adoption funds we've received, we had to revise the home study to reflect that and the new positive net worth. I was anticipating receiving the home study on Monday or so next week but we received it today! Jeff was praying that we would receive it today so that we could overnight it to our Taiwan coordinator. The guardian in Taiwan wants to see the new home study before mailing us the adoption contracts. Hopefully everything will get processed quickly!

The downside of today is that I'm now sick with a cold. It came on yesterday afternoon and today I feel under the weather. It's just a cold and I'm trying to remain positive. I just hate being sick and losing my productivity flow! I'm trying to treat myself well so that I can recover quickly and get back to my projects.

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Julie Fukuda said...

Colds are no fun. Hurry up and get well. So glad your home study is moving along.