Friday, February 21, 2014

Random Friday Thoughts

Still sick here. I'm at that point where I have absolutely no energy. I'm doing the bare minimum - dishes, very simple meals, cleaning out the cat boxes. The rest of the time I just flit from website to blog post to book to television. Yup. I wanted to take a nap earlier but had to wash the sheets. Bad timing!

These days I am reading A Thomas Jefferson Education, a book about inspiring children to learn and become leaders through mentorship (the parent mentoring the child) and reading classics. I have tons of thoughts about this book but want to finish reading it before discussing it. My biggest question is... have other parents used this education method with an older adopted child who comes home with little to no English?

I'm also in the middle of A Novel Bookstore. This book took awhile to get started. I was about to give up on it but the main characters finally started talking about the history of The Good Novel, a bookstore that will only stock quality literature. Now I'm intrigued!

I haven't been able to work on my baby quilt. I need to recover my energy so that I can buy a new spool of thread.

Our adoption grant arrived last night so our adoption is now officially fully funded. The funds are available whenever we need to write the next check!

Along the same vein, I've been thinking about names. Are we going to give our girl an English name? As her first name or her middle name? Do we keep her Taiwanese name? Who named her? What name should we pick? I wish that we could get to know her so that we could see what names "fit."

I'm excited that Sabbath is almost here again. I won't be going to church tomorrow but I will be spending time in God's word. I also hope to write at least two letters to our sponsorship kiddos. We received two letters this week so I need to send out a reply.

My brain is actually fairly active today, even though I have no energy. Hopefully Jeff's work call finishes up in time for me to finish my Chinese studies for the day. I'm skipping my video lesson, as I don't think I can learn anything new. But I do plan to review all of my flashcards.

Have a great weekend!

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Julie Fukuda said...

I think the issue of names is an interesting one. When my husband was on the ship coming to USA, he was aware that his name would be impossible for people to figure out or pronounce and as a result, people may avoid you rather than mess up your name. There is also the possibility that one might get assigned a nic-name that you might not like. For that reason, when he got off the ship and people asked his name, he said "Paul" which he picked as a favorite from the bible. We thought hard about the names we gave our kids for the same reason. My daughter's three adopted children keep their Korean names as middle names. But... who gave them those names? That is unknown. The one foster child we heard about when his adoption became final, was given a completely English name but he will always be "Shin-chan" to our family.