Sunday, April 13, 2014


I often think about simplification. How will simplifying my life make it easier to fulfill my mission? What can I do to clear the way to doing what God wants me to do?

I am someone who relaxes when the house is clean and tidy. I stress when the kitchen is a mess and the house is cluttered. The status of my home really does affect my ability to maintain a calm outlook. Every so often, I try to reduce the clutter as it seems to pile up while I'm sleeping!

This article was really interesting. This paragraph in particular caught my attention:
Consider these statistics cited by professional organizer Regina Lark: The average U.S. household has 300,000 things, from paper clips to ironing boards. U.S. children make up 3.7% of children on the planet but have 47% of all toys and children's books.
300,000 things? Really? Do we need so much stuff? Do we buy bigger houses just to store the stuff? Why is it that I still have stuff in my spare bedroom, just sitting in a pile, that I brought with me from Arizona? If it's been sitting there for a year and a half, do I really need it? What am I going to do with the stuff when we decorate my daughter's room? It either needs to find a place in my home or it needs to go.

Here's a rather blunt way of looking at it. When I die, someone is going to have to sort through my stuff. Do I really want to leave my husband or my children such a big burden? And if Jesus returns before I die and cleanses the earth with fire, it's all going to burn. So I should loosen my hold on my stuff. I won't be taking it with me to heaven before or after I die.

Blunt, yes. But necessary. There's no point in cleaning around a bunch of stuff if I don't really use it. I need to just let it go!


Solrun said...

I so agree! We live in a very small apartment with very many things, and from time to time it drives me crazy not being able to tidy everything away. It takes away the focus, for sure. Today we are actually cleaning our storage, I hope we will be able to get rid off a lot! :)

RETA said...

As I've heard it said before, you never see a hearse hauling a trailer full of stuff! ha!


Cassandra said...

Solrun - I hope your cleaning session went well! It's so much easier to clean when there isn't so much stuff that requires straightening and dusted!

RETA - Very true! lol

Anonymous said...

I am right there with you! With 4 children we get cluttered up FAST! I had our Sweetie's room cleaned out and perfect. Now it is full of winter clothes and toys for a yard sale.