Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Jesus Bible - A Book Review

I was really excited when I found The Jesus Bible available for review. I ordered it for my soon-to-be daughter. This Bible is recommended for ages 9-12. My daughter is 11 and will probably be 12 before she comes home, but as a new English learner, this Bible will be valuable to her for a few more years.

What I love about this version of the Bible -

I love that the devotionals are set up to point to Christ. Throughout the Bible, the devotionals discuss a verse or two and always tie it into the life or character or teachings of Christ.

I love that each book starts with a brief outline and answers the following questions: Where is Jesus in this book? Who wrote it? Why was it written? What happens? What do we learn about God in this book?

What I didn't love -

The devotionals and commentary could have used a bit more proofreading; I found a typo in one of the devotionals in Proverbs. And I wish that the highlighted verse didn't stand out of the text quite so much. It made the reading rather jarring.

Disclaimer -

Obviously I couldn't read the entire Bible and devotionals before reviewing it. I flipped through parts of the Bible, read Proverbs and Ecclesiastes in their entirety, and read part of Isaiah.

I'm glad I requested The Jesus Bible and hope that my daughter finds this version of the Bible useful in her journey toward God. Much thanks to BookLookBloggers for a free copy in exchange for my review. All thoughts are my own!


Julie Fukuda said...

I hope the message will make up for the small print and huge amount of writing.
Pre-teens are a mixed bag when it comes to reading material.

make.share.give said...

Two of my favorites- Proverbs and Ecclesiastes! Wonder how James and Phillippians are?