Monday, September 1, 2014

8 days

It's been eight days since our Skype call. And yes, I am counting. I miss my girl. I know she's not sure what to think of us but we love her. I want to spend more time with her.

Both my husband and I are having a hard time with this particular period of waiting. We're both holding on to faith that God will bring our girl home. We stepped out in faith to adopt a child this old. I was scared and wanted to adopt a younger child, a girl around five or six. But God laid a 10 year old girl on our heart and asked us to have faith in Him. We did. She's now almost 12 and our adoption is at a standstill. But we're still trusting that God will finish what He started.

In the meantime, we try (and fail) not to stress. We have not heard anything from our agency, other than that they have no news to give us. At the end of July, the Taiwan agency contacted us and said our girl is still not on board, do we want to cancel the adoption? NO! They said that they would meet with her again at the end of August and discuss adoption with her. At that point, they might decide to cancel our adoption if she's not on board.

Is she wanting a family now? We don't know. Is she going to agree to being our daughter? We don't know. We can only pray. And wait. I wish I could say "patiently wait" but it's hard to be patient and not stress. Is our adoption moving forward? We believe it will. But no official word yet. Wait and pray. Pray and wait.


Mary M. Cline said...

Praying that she will agree to be your daughter and will want to come home soon.

Anonymous said...

People who've never tried to adopt a child don't understand the frustration and stress that it can cause. It can be like a very prolonged, very difficult pregnancy. And a baby can't say, "No!"

Praying that it all works out.

Michelle F said...

Prayers and ((Hugs))

Cassandra said...

Mary and Michelle - Thank you so much!! We appreciate your prayers!!

Jim - My husband thought it was funny that a baby can't say no. That would definitely be easier! And faster! 14 months and counting for this adoption process.