Sunday, December 28, 2014

18 months

Today marks 18 months since we officially started our adoption journey. I feel like so much has happened and yet I feel like, in some ways, we have made no progress at all. My husband and I talked about this tonight and agree that we have made progress but it sure doesn't feel like it! We have an up to date home study, approval from the US government to adopt a foreign born orphan, and approval from a Taiwan agency to be matched with one of their children. It's progress, but not much.

Hopefully we hear an update soon on the meeting with Cin-Ru so we know if this adoption attempt is going forward. I hope and pray that we will have a daughter home sometime in 2015!

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Yoli said...

This path is never easy and one wants to make the right decision not only for oneself but most importantly for the child that is about to enter our lives. I think you both will be amazing, caring parents. Your cultural sensitivity towards your adopted child to be is impressive. You are doing the right things. I think 2015 will bring you together with a little girl that is in need of a mother and father as much as you are in need of a child.

I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season and wishing you the happiest of New Years.