Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Fun with a new Advent calendar

We found out that the social worker is meeting with Cin-Ru next week! Our coordinator has requested a report as soon as possible, as she's going on vacation at the end of next week. We're hoping to find out what Cin-Ru thinks about our family and about us adopting her. Hopefully it is good news!

We bought a Hello Kitty advent calendar to count down to Christmas. It's so cute! We'll share photos of it with Cin-Ru in one of our later care packages. I sure hope she likes Hello Kitty. They make such fun clothes!


Jason and Michelle said...

I'm glad the SW i s meeting her next week!

Julie Fukuda said...

So glad to see progress being made.
Hopefully this time it is the real thing.

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed that you will (figuratively speaking) be getting something nice under your tree this year.

Cassandra said...

Thanks! Our photo album made it safely! But she hadn't seen it yet as of a couple hours ago. Hopefully soon!