Monday, February 16, 2015

Second Skype call

I am officially in love and am ready to travel to Taiwan now! Can we please bring home our daughter soon? She has such a beautiful smile that lights up her whole face. I'm ready to love on her and make her part of our family.

Our Skype call last night was short but sweet. She's slowly feeling more comfortable with us. I'm so glad that we recorded the call so that we can watch it again. We also found out that she participated in a Chinese New Year's dance performance, that someone recorded that performance, and that they will be sending us a copy of it. I can't wait to see it!


Jason and Michelle said...

That's wonderful! I'm glad that the dance she participated in was recorded.

Julie Fukuda said...

That seems so much more positive than your previous experience. I hope things will begin to move faster.

make.share.give said...

How exciting!