Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Unscheduled road trip!

It looks like we will be driving down to the Secretary of State's office tomorrow. The Arizona SOS rejected my husband's employment verification letter twice because the notary signed it incorrectly twice! Instead, we're redoing the paperwork so that we can have it notarized in Washington and same day authentication processed at the Secretary of State's office. Road trip!

Our paperwork was held up due to this issue, but it also wasn't really held up. Taiwan has this tiny, itty-bitty holiday called Chinese New Year. It's such a small holiday that the entire country shuts down for awhile. Ha! So our paperwork would just be sitting in Taiwan as opposed to sitting in the US. I'd rather the paperwork sit in Taiwan, but we're doing our best to make sure that will happen soon.

In other news, I need to make significant progress on Cin-Ru's hat. I was going to work on it this morning at the library but then there was a flurry of emails with the agency and I could no longer sit still. Once my lovely hubby finishes his conference call, we're off to the bank to get this paperwork notarized and ready for tomorrow. Hopefully this evening will result in some serious knitting time!


Mary M. Cline said...

You can join us at Crossroads for the Eastside Stitchers group.

Julie Fukuda said...

When I have to have something notarized, it is big bucks and a trip to the embassy. (And in Japan it is only good for a short time) I guess we all need a month-long holiday.

Cassandra said...

Mary - I wish I could tonight! This pattern is not good for knitting in groups, though. I have a hard enough time at home where I can concentrate. lol

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the Bureaucrat Shuffle.