Sunday, April 19, 2015

Skype call #5

I can't believe we've already had five Skype calls. I treasure each and every one of them, though some have gone better than others. Friday night's call was the best one yet!

We had technical difficulties on Taiwan's side; the audio wasn't working so they couldn't hear us and we couldn't hear them. This actually worked out in our favor, as our girl was SO much more relaxed without the pressure of having to listen to a bunch of English and try to understand what is going on. Instead, we chatted with the translator in the chat window and tried to entertain our girl with facial expressions and miming and showing off various things we've prepared for her. Surprisingly, it went really well.

Friday afternoon, I baked up a batch of sugar cookies. During the call, Jeff and I made a big deal of spreading frosting on each cookie and then decorating the cookies with icing.

Note - Don't buy this icing. It was too watery and ran down the cookies when we tried to show her. Even when we let them sit a few minutes before picking them up, it did the same thing.

She seemed to get a kick out of this so we told her that we can decorate cookies once we come home from Taiwan.

Our girly-girl found Skype's chat window emoticons about half way through the call so the translator let her pick the emoticons to send. She loved doing this, sending us "stickers" as they called them and seeing which ones we sent back. This conversation took place toward the end of the call:

I about died laughing. We'll see if the audio works on the next call! Personally, seeing how relaxed Cin-Ru was without the audio, I'd rather it doesn't work. We have one more Skype call scheduled this upcoming Friday, right before her birthday. Her birthday package will definitely be in Taiwan in time for the call and we'll bake her a cake and sing happy birthday. I can't wait!


Julie Fukuda said...

So happy to hear things are going well.

Jason and Michelle said...

That's great that you have another call Friday. Too bad the frosting ran on the cookies.
I'm glad that she was more relaxed. My kids love doing emotion cons when typing and texting.

Mary M. Cline said...

So happy things went so well for your call. Praying that everything continues to run smoothly with your process of becoming parents.

Carrie said...

Somethings you might think of as challenges turn out to be great blessings!!! How fabulous that you didn't have sound!!! And I am so happy to hear that the Skype call went so very well!