Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Three more months

Yesterday we found out that our paperwork should be submitted to the court system by the end of next week. We also found out that our care package has already been shipped to Taiwan. We are asking that the Taiwan agency hold the care package until our Skype call on the 24th because that is the closest Skype date to our girl's birthday.

It finally hit me that is really happening. So much of the adoption process is a matter of paperwork. You know that there is a flesh and blood child on the other side of the world but all you deal with is paperwork and appointments and writing checks. But all of a sudden I had a realization that we are about to step into the unknown. I have been guarding my heart, afraid that this adoption will fall through like the last adoption attempt. Once our paperwork is submitted to court, we'll be further along in the process than we've ever been. Yes, the judge can still say no but that is highly unlikely.

Our agency told us yesterday that we will probably travel in late July or early August. Cue panic. Only three more months of us being a couple with no children. We've been married for 9.5 years and are very set in our ways. Only three more months and we will be responsible for another human being. But only three more months and we will be able to meet Cin-Ru in person and start loving her. Only three more months until we will have a daughter and our girl will have a mother and father. Panic mingles with joy. Only three more months.


Jason and Michelle said...

Three months doesn't seem long in some aspects. I'm glad that things are moving. I hope your daughter will be home by August!

make.share.give said...

Again, happy happy! Three months will fly by!

Mary M. Cline said...

So excited for you. You will love being a mother. There is nothing better than that in my opinion. Will be praying that things continue in the right directions and time will pass quickly for you.