Tuesday, October 6, 2009

First time for everything

What a great day of firsts!

  • First day we've not turned on the air conditioning since June. I hope it stays that way!
  • First time I've filled out a Citizen Survey for my city.
  • First time I've gone shopping at Walmart at 5AM. Great customer service and the store is perfectly clean.
  • First time I've applied to participate in a credit card program. Earn 20% of any balance paid above the minimum for the next three billing cycles. I can't use the card (no worries there) and my credit line will be reduced by the amount paid above the minimum. I had called to find out why my interest rate was raised 1.75% and they offered this instead. I applied, but hubby and I discussed this program and decided we won't take advantage of it. Because the payments are applied to lowest interest rates first and we recently transferred a balance to this card at a much lower rate, we would actually be losing money by paying off the 1.9% interest instead of the 10.24% card we're paying on now.

We might be visiting another small art museum for the first time tonight. It depends on how tired we are after doing the last bit of grocery shopping at the farmer's market.

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