Friday, October 9, 2009

Weather, kitty update, and to do list

I can't believe how quickly it has cooled down. Just two weeks ago, it was reaching 105 degrees by afternoon. Today, my windows and doors are all open, a cool breeze is blowing into the apartment, and I'm actually a little chilly. Our highs are now around 85 degrees, which is starting to get chilly for Arizona. I've lived in Arizona for 10 years and I've acclimated fairly well. While I won't complain about temperatures in the 70s, I will be wearing jeans and possibly a long sleeve shirt!

My kitty seems to be feeling better. Hubby saw him eating breakfast and he's a bit more feisty. Hubby also caught Bruno and Susano on the counter early this morning eating one of my houseplants. Bad kitties!

I've neglected my six most important things list. I'm not sure why I stopped but not writing the list lowers my productivity levels. So today I decided to post my six most important things on my blog and see how much I can accomplish.

Preparation Friday:
Wash and dry the sheets; remake the bed
Sweep floors in kitchen and bathrooms
Clean kitty litter boxes
Clean toilet and bathroom sink

1 comment:

~*Mona*~ said...

I am glad to hear that your kitty is doing well! These little creatures mean so much to us, right?!

Looks like you handled your list pretty well!

I hope you are having a very nice week!