Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Quilting for children

The women's ministry program at the church has a mission to provide children recently removed from their homes a bag with a quilt, toiletry items, a toy, and a stuffed animal. Oftentimes, children are removed from their homes without the opportunity to take any of their belongings. The women's ministry project attempts to give these children some small amount of comfort in unfamiliar surroundings.

Volunteers make each of the quilts to give to these children. The church provides all the materials - fabric, thread, and batting. Women are encouraged to pick out fabric from the church's stash, take it home, and bring back a completed quilt. If women are unable to complete the entire quilt, they are welcome to piece blocks or even sew the entire top but leave the actual "quilting" process to the other ladies. In this way, women can contribute as much as their time and ability allows.

I believe this is a great ministry and I was invited to participate. When I informed the ministry leader that I didn't know how to quilt but was eager to learn, she invited me to attend this month's meeting. Plenty of ladies would be willing to teach me the basics so that I could get started.

The meeting was wonderful. It was overwhelming at times, as I don't know much about quilting and needed to be shown everything. But once the ladies showed me how to complete a step in the project, they let me continue on my own and answered any questions. I learned a little bit about how to pick out complimentary fabrics, how to iron the fabric, how to cut strips, and how to sew strips of fabric together and then cut it to make the blocks.

Here's my first block:

I was sent home with enough fabric to complete eight additional blocks. Next month, the ladies will teach me how to determine what size sashing is needed, cut the sashing, and design a border. By this time next month, I might have completed my first quilt top! I'm really excited about this opportunity. Not only do I get free lessons, I'm helping out children who have been removed from their homes. I hope that in some small way, my quilt will make a little boy feel more loved.


Ann@His Grace To Me said...

How cool is that! Helping others and getting quilting lessons at the same time. I'd love to learn to quilt.

Cassandra said...

Thanks Ann. :) I'm really excited about it.

Alilia said...

I'm spoilt by Facebook. I can't just hit the like button & move on. I actually have to come up with something clever to say.

Two thumbs up ::cheesy grin::

Just kidding. I think that's really cool, & I'm glad you're taking advantage of the opportunity. Glad you have the opportunity. Happy for you ;)

Looking forward to seeing the finished project. Now I need to find a quilting teacher. I am an obsessive fabric collector & that would be a perfect use for all my useless fabric!

~*Mona*~ said...

How fun! What a wonderful way to learn a new craft. I think that the ministry really has some great ideas and pray that those that receive them are very blessed! Wonderful share!


Bonnie said...

That's awesome - is this the "It's My Very Own" program?

Ruth MacC said...

I would just love it if my church would do something like this. Well done.

DanniellaAnn said...

Welcome to the world of sewing.. soon you will be addicted like me.. hehehe. I'm so proud of you! I think our church should start this program.