Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Failures and Successes

In the past week, I've had one kitchen failure and one tremendous success.

I tried to resurrect the bread dough I had forgotten to add yeast to. The bread raised a little bit but not enough to save it. Also, the loaf ended up entirely too dense and didn't cook in the middle. It was a complete failure. Next time I'll make sure to add yeast.

I also found a new method of frying onions. My weight fluctuates because my motivation to be healthy fluctuates. I'm trying to make small changes to my food preparation that will help my body in small ways. Happy Herbivore posted a recipe in which she talked about cooking onions in a skillet using water.

It worked!

Using water instead of oil lowers my fat intake (specifically the trans fats created from heating oil) and it tastes just as good as traditional frying methods. I just filled a skillet with water, heated it on high to boiling, added onions, stirred, and cooked for 4 minutes. That's it! I've done this twice and the first time I had to add some water because it all cooked off before the onions were done. But it worked!


Alilia said...

Not only is the water method healthier, but also cheaper in the long run. I've done it before with a recipe that said to do it that way & it worked great. I'd forgotten about it though. I may have to try it for my tofu scramble as it comes out a little greasy sometimes...

Cassandra said...

I hadn't thought of it being cheaper! I really want to figure out how to cook the tofu without frying it. You think water would work?

Gillian said...

If you go to his web page and scroll down a video will start.
It shows another way to saute without oil and add flavor!:)