Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A bit of randomness

I just shaved my hubby's head. He looks great.

Bible study starts up again tomorrow night! I'm really excited.

I haven't done any sewing this week. But my desk is half clean.

There are several pounds of bananas on my counter but I'm eating apples every day. For some reason, they appeal more right now.

And I'm craving chocolate. Trying desperately to hold on to that feeling of glee when I realized I lost three pounds last week. I can beat the cravings.

I love my husband!!

(How's that for a bit of randomness?)


Ruth MacC said...

Well done with the three pounds!!! Keep up the very good work

Ann@His Grace To Me said...

Love random posts, you never know where they will end up! Congrats on the 3lbs lost!

DanniellaAnn said...

Good for you ( Hannah will eat your bananas for you ;) they're her choice food)

Cassandra said...

Thanks guys! Trying desperately to make good food choices through the holidays. It's hard!