Friday, December 18, 2009

Dealing with disappointment

I have to learn to not be so upset when plans go awry. My disappointment affects my hubby and then he feels bad for something that isn't his fault. I have no desire to harm him but I don't know how to accept change. We were planning on going out of town tomorrow morning, driving up to the mountains for a picnic and a hike. Unfortunately, hubby now has work scheduled immediately after sundown. Because there is no guarantee that we can return so early in the evening, we have to stay home.

I'm extremely disappointed because we rarely leave Phoenix and my heart is in the forests, not the city. I love hiking, love the mountains, love picnics, and really wanted to spend the day with hubby away from the city, the noise, the pollution, and worries. The Sabbath is a great day to spend enjoying God's nature. I haven't seen the mountains in several years and I long to get away from this city.

My disappointment and tears about canceling our trip made hubby feel really bad. I hate watching him withdraw into sadness and his own disappointment. But I don't know how to accept change in plans with grace. We're going to go hiking tomorrow, just on one of the Phoenix "mountains." It just isn't the same.


~*Mona*~ said...

Cassandra, this is one of those things that I struggle with, also. I think that changes that I have no control over are very frustrating. I hope that we both can learn of better ways of handling change. One of the simple things I started recently concern the weather...I have made the choice to allow Christ shine in my day even when the sun is not out. Most cloudy days I am lazy and slowly get more depressed after it has been too long, but I am making a decision to not allow it this year ;o) I hope that you had a wonderful day today, despite it not being what you had planned. Tons of hugs!

Michelle said...

I hear ya ... the weather is keeping me stuck at home this Christmas Eve and there were a few tears this morning as my husband and I talked it out ... I don't know what the answer is, but I always remind Ryan that I'm disappointed in the situation and not him.

How lucky are we though, that our husbands want us to be happy? That is such a blessing! And they are blessed to have us, because I think our love is apparent. :)

I hope you have a wonderful holiday! Thank you for reading my blog!