Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cleaning schedule

I've been frustrated lately with how our home looks. There are always dirty dishes in the sink, clothes on the floor, and the bathroom is never fully clean (just being honest!). Whenever we invite people over, it's always a scramble to have everything presentable before they arrive. I knew it was bad when I was embarrassed to let the maintenance guy come in and work on something.

I decided I needed to make a change. Our home should not be this messy. There was really no excuse for it, other than my laziness. When I was first laid off from my job last October, I thought that transitioning into homemaking would be easy. It's been over a year of trial and error and I still don't have everything right.

On Sunday, I walked around our apartment and made a list of every single thing that needs to be cleaned. It was a very long list. I broke it down by room and then labeled each item as something that needed to be cleaned daily, weekly, or monthly. Then I assigned each room to one day of the week. Each day, I will concentrate on that specific room while completing a few additional daily chores.

Wednesdays are all about the living room. Each week on Wednesdays, I will:

  • Tidy and wash off the table
  • Dust desks/end tables
  • Straighten the game shelf
  • Water the plants
  • Clean couch cushions
  • Clean off printer shelving

I also have monthly chores for each room, the living room chores assigned to the 2nd Wednesday of every month.

  • Clean light covers
  • Wash patio windows

I also have a few daily chores that have nothing to do with today's room assignment.

  • Wash/put away dishes
  • One load of laundry - wash, hang, iron, put away
  • Wash and tidy the kitchen counters
  • Sweep kitchen floor
  • Vacuum the apartment
  • Clean the kitties' litter boxes
  • General pick up around apartment
  • Make bed
  • Personal items (devotional, exercise, reading, etc.)

I started this new system on Monday and it's worked very well so far. My daily chores don't take that long and then I work on the room assigned for that day. I estimate I'm spending between 2 and 3 hours each day cleaning. This might get faster as the apartment stays clean instead of doing damage control. The only challenge is working around the times when hubby is working at home. He spends a lot of time doing phone support for clients and I can't be heard in the background. During those times, I find quiet cleaning to do or I take my breaks and read. Right now he's on the phone so I'm writing my blog post. Now I'm off to read until he's finished and then I'll make dinner.

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~*Mona*~ said...

It is always nice to have a schedule with the cleaning! I have a set up for everything to pretty much be done Mon-Wed and then Thursdays are my catch up or touch up days so that all I need to do on Friday when I wake up are the meals for Sabbath. It has worked out pretty well! Enjoy making it all routine!