Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Blind Hope - A Book Review

Blind Hope is the story of a broken woman who rescues a blind dog. At first, Laurie believes her dog Mia is the one being rescued. However, she slowly realizes that her dog is actually the one doing the rescuing.

The great - I loved all the photos. Each chapter begins with a photograph of Mia and Laurie. The photographer deserves huge kudos as the pictures are absolutely stunning.

The good - In a world full of books which are labeled Christian but contain a watered down message, Blind Hope delivers a very strong message. Parallels are drawn between Mia's experiences as a blind dog and Laurie's relationship with God. The messages are Biblical and inspiring, though a bit heavy handed at times.

The not so good - I struggled to follow the sequence of events. Laurie and Mia are the main focus, yet the book is written from another author's perspective. For example, the author tells of a ski trip she and Laurie take. During that ski trip, Laurie tells a story about her and Mia. The book is a story of a story and thus hard to follow.

Overall, it was a quick read. I was touched by the vibrant spirit of a little blind dog and wished I could have seen more of her throughout the book. Mia and Laurie learn some wonderful lessons of love, friendship, and the power of God's forgiveness.

Thank you to WaterBrook Multnomah for providing a free copy of this book.


Missie said...

Sounds like a great book!

Cassandra said...

It was good! I have to post a review on Amazon and I was surprised to find out it's not even out yet. I think it's released in stores on July 20th. I've never read a book that I couldn't buy in stores!