Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I was optimistic in thinking that I'd get to start sewing blocks for my new quilt early this week! It seems my time tables are usually optimistic and that I need to allow more time to complete things. Either that, or I need to seriously curtail my internet time... Hmmm.

Here are the strips I cut yesterday. The picture didn't quite capture the color, but I think it's a wonderful shade of pink. I wish I had bought extra to use in a later quilt that I'll be keeping!

I think I'll take my own advice and get off the internet, as I still have some studying to do. Maybe later I'll have time to cut the next piece of fabric into strips. Only three colors left to go until I can start sewing. I can't wait!


Missie said...

I did my first quilt a few months is amazing how quickly it goes together!

Cassandra said...

Fun! Do you have pictures on your blog?