Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Menu planning

One of my worst homemaking skills is menu planning. I don't know why, but I am so lacking in this area. I'm really good at shopping sales to get us great fruit every week, though I haven't figured out how to have ripe fruit available every day.

But when it comes to menu planning, I'm... bad. Sunday afternoon generally finds me scrambling to put together some sort of a menu so that we can go grocery shopping. By Friday, we're usually scraping the bottom of the barrel and wondering what to eat.

This week I'm going to try something different. Yes, it's Tuesday and I haven't gone grocery shopping yet. But I planned out a menu through Friday night and then we'll go shopping Friday as soon as my hubby gets off work. This way I have two days to put together a comprehensive menu that covers Sabbath through the following Sunday evening. That will get us back to grocery shopping on Sundays like I prefer to do.

Wednesday - vegan mac & cheese - This is a really good recipe. I've made some tweaks to it, but I really like it.
Thursday - pumpkin coconut curry from a vegan cookbook
Friday - orange chicken-style tofu - Another really good recipe. I've made some major changes to this recipe so I'll plan on posting mine once I figure out the last change. I've stopped using processed sugars while cooking, only using a bit of honey and dates. So I'm going to figure out if I can make this recipe with honey and then post it. Yum!

I've already put together a shopping list. Surprisingly, we already have most of what we need for each of these recipes but we're missing a key ingredient. No bread for the mac&cheese. I might have everything for the curry. And no tofu for the orange tofu. Oops.


Missie said...

I am so bad at meal planning too...I normally run to the store almost every night

Cassandra said...

I'm too lazy to run to the store every night so we end up eating weird combinations of food. lol.

Anonymous said...


Looks good to me, and as you already know, my meal planning skills need improvment.

I usually plan my dinners for a two week stretch (which means we eat the same meal two days in a row due to the budget). Of course, I do "repeats," but I try not to do these repeats closet together.

My main source of meal planning is cookbooks and free recipes that I get on-line, ugh! Maybe one day, I will learn to cook from scratch.

~Mrs. Lady Sofia~

Ann@His Grace To Me said...

I've got several weeks of menus written out, I've just been too lazy to make the effort to cook what's on my lists. No one around here complains about stir-fry, so we eat that a lot. I think if I did some cooking ahead and froze some stuff for busy days, I'd put more effort into it.

~*Mona*~ said...

Funny...as I read this I am currently making my menu plan, lol :o)

It can get difficult to stay on task with it, but so worth it in the end. What stinks for me, which happens often, is making the menu, going grocery shopping, and then losing the menu and forgetting what I was suppose to be making, haha!

I found it interesting that you prefer doing your grocery shopping on Sundays, we do to! I am finding however, that it will probably be best for my family to go twice a week, despite how much I *really* don't want to! (hard enough to get me out to do one trip!)

Cassandra said...

Mona, I really need to start planning on two shopping trips. I can get all of the non perishables in one trip, but the produce doesn't last all week! We usually run out on Wednesdays and then go without for a couple days. Most produce just doesn't last an entire week. Bummer!