Monday, November 22, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - 11/22/10

I really am loving Menu Plan Monday. I'm happy that my menu planning is finally organized.

Something I'm trying to do with our diet is to make food from scratch as much as possible. I'm not making huge changes, just trying to make something new each week that we previously bought packaged. For the past three weeks, I've been making "refried" beans in the crockpot. Then we have beans for burritos all week and there are no weird ingredients in them.

Next week I'm going to make udon noodles from scratch. We recently finished a Japanese television series that featured a girl who was known for her handmade udon noodles. The food looked really good so I thought I'd give it a try! It doesn't look too difficult and will be a lot more fresh than anything I can buy in the grocery store.

This week's menu:

Monday - Skillet Lasagna - new recipe
Tuesday - Vegetarian Gyoza and Miso Soup - new recipe
Wednesday - Riblets, mashed potatoes, vegetable
Thursday - Thanksgiving
Friday - Curry
Sabbath - Spaghetti
Sunday - Enchiladas


Ask Ms Recipe said...

Skillet Lasagna, sure sounds good have a Happy Thanksgiving.


DanniellaAnn said...

c'mon! you're not going to give us the whole list for Thanksgiving! ;) Let me know how the noodles go. I love them!

Anonymous said...

this post is very usefull thx!