Thursday, November 4, 2010

Recipe Recommendation

Tonight we had sub sandwiches and crackers with cucumber hummus. The cucumber hummus was a very pleasant surprise. It was very refreshing! i could taste the cucumber when I made the recipe without any of the suggested additions. Then I tried a small batch with cumin added and that was even better. Yum!

I have ripe bananas on the counter. Tomorrow I'm going to look for a bread or cookie recipe that uses bananas. There's no way I can eat them all, so I might as well use them to bake something!


Missuz C said...

Hey, thanks for all the awesome recipe links! We are vegan, too, (aside from the occasional home grown egg) and I'm completely bored with most of my old stand-by' I will be going through your back posts and pulling some new recipe ideas.

Happy Sabbath!!

~*Mona*~ said...

It is always great when we find a new recipe! What did you end up doing with those bananas? We love cooking breads and muffins and putting them in the freezer until we need them. I almost bought red tape bananas last night but they were not cheap enough for me to do so.

Cassandra said...

Mona, sadly, I froze the bananas. I ran out of time do bake anything! So I at least was able to save them for later.

Bummer on the red tape bananas!