Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Operation Overcome Kitty Carrier Fear - Part 2


I added the kitty carrier lid. There was no other place in our living room for the end table so it went into the spare bedroom. Ah well. Our apartment looks more and more like a college pad every day!

Bruno: OOKCF (Operation Overcome Kitty Carrier Fear) - Part 1

Bruno: OOKCF - Part 2

Fiona: OOKCF - Part 1

Fiona: OOKCF - Part 2

Oddly enough, they keep fighting about who gets to sleep in the carrier. It looks like we need to buy another one! Fiona was sitting on top of the cat carrier on Sunday. Bruno stuck his head in and Fiona swatted him! Possessive cat!

I'll let them get used to this setup for awhile and then reattach the door. I'll have to do something to keep the door from closing on them. Bungee cord?

Hubby thinks my efforts are noble but will be in vain when the cats are forced to be inside the carrier. I'm still optimistic it won't be so bad if they are used to the idea. We'll see!


cbeck said...

It really made me laugh reading this post. I had to train my dog with an almost identical approach! He was still pretty reluctant to hop in the first time the carrier was located in the back seat of our car, but after finding out it carried him to "fun" places, he became very eager to hop in anytime we put it in the back seat.

Best of luck as you continue with the training!

Jerrod said...

well, I'm on your side. I think it will atleast be less terrifying for them. :)

Jerrod said...

LOL, I'm still logged in under Jerrod's account that was me- Dannie

Annie said...

Great idea, I think I'll follow suit with our cat carrier. A few months back I introduced our two to an enclosed kitty litter box, they came around step by step too :)