Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cat Troubles

Even though it's technically Thursday... since I haven't gone to bed yet, this counts as Wednesday's post, right?

I'm wondering if anyone who reads my blog has experience with cats spraying. Our cat is getting neutered next week but we're struggling in the meantime. He sprays when he gets stressed or feels ignored. He gets plenty of one on one interaction with both of us but he's extremely clingy since he was hand raised.

I know we've got some training to do after he gets neutered. Right now, my issue is what to do when I can see that he's getting ready to mark something. Spray him with water? Distract him with a game? Ignore him? It seems anything I've tried results in a very temporary distraction and he's back to the initial marking attempt within 10 minutes.

He's not letting us sleep at night because he constantly wants attention. My husband is working on an intense project right now and has been up until three or four in the morning lately. So the cat is already really confused about when it's nighttime and when it's daytime. If I go to bed while Jeff is working, Bruno comes downstairs and makes noise or sprays until I get up. But if Jeff goes to bed and I get up to keep Bruno from making noise, he lets Jeff sleep. So frustrating!

I love this cat, won't get rid of him, but need to figure out a solution to the spraying. I have a feeling we'll be hiring a feline behaviorist for a consultation if neutering doesn't fix the issue entirely.

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