Monday, July 8, 2013

A bit of late spring cleaning

Prepping for our adoption process has given me the urge to clean. That's always a good thing, right? I spent some time on Sunday sorting through everything in our hall closet, scrubbing the shelves, and rearranging what was left. I was quite pleased to take a stack of empty boxes (from the iron, coffee press, etc) out to the recycle bin that evening.

Hall closet - before

Hall closet - after

Once I reorganized everything, I started moving some of our board games onto the shelves. Prior to this, they were stacked up on the floor of our dining room. It didn't make for a very pretty dining room! This looks so much better.

Adding the games!

This morning I made a veganized version of an old favorite recipe.

Cream cheese wraps

I only made one to test out the idea and it was really good. I spread a thin layer of vegan cream cheese on a tortilla and then sprinkled it with diced olives, tomatoes, and cucumber. My non-vegan recipe was cream cheese, olives, and roasted green chilies. I didn't have any green chilies on hand but I hope to try it again soon. My husband, who didn't like the non-vegan version, ate half of the wrap. I guess that means they were a success!


Margaret said...

One always has to be very organised in an apartment I think. But while saying that, I look forward to Spring and the chance of a real clean out. Looks like you have done a splendid job here.

Anonymous said...

Your hall closet looks great! Nice to have a place for board games those are always a problem... I have mine in the pantry:) it works, but it's not my ultimate goal. Wishing you all the best in your pursuit of adoption ♥