Wednesday, September 4, 2013

An even bigger challenge

This week, I was going to start learning about blog design. Unfortunately, life threw a bigger challenge at me on Monday afternoon.

My computer died.

After half a day of trial and error, my husband was able to take a back up of my hard drive. Then he moved the hard drive from my Dell Mini into the Dell Inspiron. Then he uploaded most of my hard drive onto the Mini's hard drive.

I love how we stumble along with half working computers. My Dell Mini is now just an empty case. My Inspiron has a Mini's (much smaller) hard drive and no battery.

I am now buried in technological junk mail. I was using Outlook to manage my email, so my gmail was forwarded to Outlook. Unfortunately, I never synced the two and now have 23,000 emails in my Outlook inbox. Hubby synced all of my accounts now so that I can create folders in Outlook, delete or file as necessary, and it will be backed up on Google's servers. If my Inspiron decides to kill my Mini's hard drive, at least I'll have a backed up email account! In the meantime, I have to wade through my 23,000 emails to figure out what should be kept and what needs to be permanently trashed.

The other lovely side effect of the hard drive failure is that I lost my address book, my calendar, and my blog feeds. Now I get to play detective to learn everyone's phone numbers, email addresses, blog addresses, and birthdays!

I am just grateful that I didn't lose everything. All of my photos and home videos still exist. My budgets and e-books and other random documents have all been transferred to the replacement hard drive. Fun times!


Anonymous said...

Oh no..should I try and send you my old inspiron with the dead mother board?? -The Lady with the Fussy Baby

Jason and Michelle said...

That stinks. I'm glad you didn't lose your pictures though. I had that happen, I lost 3 years of pictures.

Julie Fukuda said...

I don't want my Inspiron duo to hear about crashing. I have done that way too often ... and the lost contact list from last summer is still mostly lost for good.