Monday, September 30, 2013

Productivity - my motivation is back!

I have had extremely low productivity over the past week. I'm not sure what triggered it but I've barely been keeping up with the minimums - dishes and cleaning the cat boxes.

On Wednesday night, my husband went to bed feeling fine. He woke up Thursday morning in extreme back pain and had no idea what caused it. I've had this happen to me once before and was fairly certain that it was due to the cats causing me to contort in my sleep and thus pinching a nerve or some other such lovely result.

Thursday night - no sleep for either of us
Friday night - very little sleep for both of us
Saturday night - a little bit better
Sunday - hubby finally starts feeling better and we get a half decent night of sleep

I'm still very tired from the lack of sleep but something finally triggered my drive for productivity. I'm not sure why my productivity died and I'm not sure why it has returned. But I have to embrace it while it's here! I've already cleaned off the Leaning Tower of Papers on top of my printer. After hubby gets off this series of work calls, I will catch up on the dishes.

Hmmm... What should I do next?


Julie Fukuda said...

Glad things are looking up. Sometimes you just have to take the slings and arrows of every-day life, and give it your best shot.

Anonymous said...

I have those days too! It is so nice when productivity returns ♥