Monday, December 30, 2013


It has been a long process for one approval.

10/8 - Mailed off our I-600A application.
10/11 - USCIS receives our application.
10/16 - We are logged into the system.
11/1 - We receive an RFE (request for further evidence).
11/5 - FBI fingerprinting!
11/14 - Mail off RFE paperwork.
12/17 - Discover Jeff's birth year is incorrect on the home study.
12/18 - Home study is corrected.
12/19 - APPROVAL!! (We don't know it yet)
12/27 - We receive verbal confirmation of approval.
12/30 - We receive approval in the mail.


Today is a monumental day. First, we received the approval we need to progress with the dossier. And today marks exactly six months since we decided to adopt our girl. We can't wait to officially become her mama and baba!

*Post edited - Because Z has refused adoption, I have removed her pictures to protect her privacy.


Ann HisGraceToMe said...

Hurrah! I've been checking my blog feeder multiple times a day waiting for this post. I'm so happy to finally hear the good news!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Such exciting news!!! Blessings as you prepare to receive this new child, who has been in your hearts, into your home ♥

Jason and Michelle said...

That's great news! I hope everything else moves quickly for you.

Julie Fukuda said...

Another landmark for the year! Congratulations on moving closer to your dreams.

make.share.give said...

Hooray! and Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Such good news. I'm so glad for you all, she will be with you soon now.