Wednesday, December 4, 2013

No news... still...

We have heard nothing from USCIS since we mailed in the extra paperwork they requested on November 15. We are stalking the mailbox, hoping for an approval or a request for a home study revision. Either of those would be fantastic!

Jeff calculated the average wait time for USCIS approvals and determined that we can reasonably call and request an update on December 18. Only two more weeks to wait until we can phone our case manager.

We did receive a piece of non-news. Our medical clearance requires the signature of an MD. Our primary care physician is an ND (naturopath). She suggested we ask our agency if Taiwan will recognize her signature as valid. The Taiwan facilitator responded that she has heard of paperwork getting sent back because the signature was not MD. To be on the safe side, we have to find another doctor who can complete this medical clearance form. I'm not very happy about it... I love my doctor and don't like having to find a new one for just a visit or two. Oh, well. We will do whatever we need to do to get an approval from Taiwan!


Julie Fukuda said...

Is that something like the watched pot that never boils?

Anonymous said...

It is probably wise to get an MD signature as outside of the US and Canada, Naturopaths do not have qualifications equivalent to an MD. Many countries self-regulate and people that are naturopaths have only undergone 3-4years study and in nutritional and/or alternative therapies, giving them a diploma so in the UK ND after a name means diploma in Naturopathy. You cannot have a naturopath in th UK in place of a general practiciner (GP) for example.