Thursday, March 20, 2014

Culinary Adventures

Friday was White Day in Japan. I completely forgot about it, but my husband remembered! He surprised me with this positively delightful raw vegan chocolate pie from Whole Foods. YUM!

On Sunday, I made my own Chocolate Greek Yogurt Pie. I want to try different brands of vegan yogurt until we find one that we like to eat straight from the carton. This recipe will be good, I can tell, if we find a brand of vegan yogurt that we like. Even though we were disappointed, our meat-eating friend devoured his slice and took two home!

I also tried another Orange Tofu recipe. I love orange "chicken" and had a favorite recipe but wanted to find something healthier. My old recipe contained 3/4 cup of sugar, whereas this one contains only tablespoons. We'll be making this recipe again because it was fantastic!

Have you tried anything new recently?

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Carrie said...

Once you hit upon the yogurt you like for that chocolate greek yogurt pie, let me know and I'd love the recipe!!