Monday, March 24, 2014

Library Monday

I visit the library once every week or two. Last Monday and this Monday, I started the week on a perfect note by spending some time reading in the library. I love our local library. Just walking in the front door inspires me to learn.

I was finally able to pick up this month's Reading to Know book club selection. Would you believe that three library patrons had kept their copies at least two weeks past the due date? I had this book on hold for a month and was despairing that I would be able to read it in March. But someone finally returned their (overdue) copy last week.

I spent most of my library time reading The Little White Horse while curled up in a chair on the second floor. My morning was delightful.

The rest of my library time was spent reading the introduction and first chapter of this book:

I suspect that Leadership Education: The Phases of Learning will be my favorite of the TJEd books.

Happy reading!


Julie Fukuda said...

One thing I really miss living here is access to a library! Especially since I worked in libraries for so many years.
Enjoy your reading!

Carrie said...


Now I shall await your opinion of it!