Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kitty pictures!

I have a lot of thoughts but no words. I've been thinking of faith vs. works, the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives, what really matters in life, how much (or how little) you can put your faith in church denominations or organizations, and the belief of the inerrancy of Scripture. Unfortunately, I have no complete thoughts at this time.

Therefore, I bring you... kitty pictures! This is my Bruno. I've been taking care of him since he was one day old, abandoned by his feral mommy. My husband and I nursed this kitty from day one, and took care of all the other unpleasant mama duties that go along with that (did you know that you have to wipe a kitty's behind until they are old enough to go potty on their own?).

Because I am his mama, Bruno is attached to me. Very. He's about 8 months old now, but he still follows me around. When I take a shower, Bruno takes a shower. He climbs in the tub with me, as long as I don't let him get wet. And when I'm working at my desk, he sleeps on my mouse and usually rests his head on my keyboard. My baby is extremely clingy.

Gotta love him!


MIchelle said...

You're his mama - that is the sweetest thing. My hubby and I have a cat too and we just love him to pieces.

Cassandra said...

He's my baby. I'm glad you have a kitty too. :) :)