Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Today's report

My plan for today worked well (during the times I was following it). My brother came online again today and we had some things we HAD to discuss. Therefore, I worked for two full hours today with one half hour break plus lunch. Tomorrow will be more productive, I promise.

Here's what I accomplished:

  • Morning devotional

  • Washed and put away dishes

  • Cleaned off and scrubbed kitchen counter

  • Made the bed

  • Picked up dirty clothes from bedroom floor

  • Updated December's budget

  • Found and set up the nativity scene that's been passed down from my great grandmother

  • Straightened bathroom counter

  • Changed towels in bathroom

  • Vacuumed living room, hallway, and master bedroom

  • Folded load of laundry

  • Picked up the trash on the patio (we have kids living above us)

  • Cleaned off dining room table

  • Filled out an online customer satisfaction survey for our current auto/renters insurance company

Not too bad for the first day. Tomorrow I have to start an assignment for my part time job, plan next week's menu, and create a shopping list. If I have time left in the day, I'm going to clean the bathroom.


Dannie said...

Great Job! You're doing awesome. I love your idea. My computer management plan is I put Hannah down for a nap do one important pressing chore (dishes, or folding the laundry)then I vacuum (dogs leave things for her to eat all day) then I get to play on the computer till she wakes up... sometimes though, it's not very long. I'm so proud of you!

tbisgaard said...

I didnt remember that you had this Nativity set that was my grandmother's. I'm glad to see that you have it displayed.