Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Apparently I accidentally disabled commenting. I'm finding pieces of Disqus in my HTML for Blogger, which is messing with the ability to comment on my posts. Maybe now everything is worked out with commenting.

We've been living month to month in this apartment complex since our lease expired in March. Now that hubby has a local job lined up, we decided that it was time to sign a new lease. We talked to the leasing consultant this morning and she offered us a lease renewal with monthly rent of $699. Right now we're paying $795 a month. Savings! I'm really excited about it as that means we'll have extra money to throw at the credit cards each month.


Gillian said...

So glad to read your husband got the job!!Such a relief I'm sure:)

Cassandra said...

Thanks Gillian! It is a really big relief.