Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Changes - lots of them

What a crazy day. I'm kind of reeling from the suddenness of it all.

Hubby received a job offer! He starts work on Monday. This is with the contract employer that he's been working with for the last couple months. We're very excited about it.

We also signed a new cell phone contract, picked out new phones, and I changed my phone number. Hubby's employer will be paying a cell phone subsidy so we picked out a plan with a HUGE amount of minutes as it will be hubby's business and personal line. We've never had this many minutes before.

AND we signed up for a savings account with a new bank. A couple months ago, we opened a new checking account with this bank to handle hubby's unemployment. The state picked the bank for us. We've had a really good experience with them so we decided to switch all our finances to them. We added me to the checking account today and opened up a savings account for our soon to grow emergency fund.

Whew. After all this, we decided to skip grocery shopping and just came home. I'm a bit overwhelmed with all the sudden changes. Happy, but overwhelmed! I probably shouldn't have changed our banking and my cell phone number in the same day because now I have a ton of work to do to update phone numbers, banking information, bill pay, etc.


DanniellaAnn said...

AND... you need to call me now with your new number! YAY! so exciting. I'm so happy for you guys. I'm praying that it all keeps going wonderfully for you both! Maybe then a baby can become part of Jeff's plan?...

Ruth MacC said...

I am so VERY glad your husband has a job!!! Really I am.

Cassandra said...

Thanks Dannie and Ruth. :D We're still very excited about it all.

Unfortunately, hubby has no plans of a baby. :( Probably not for another two years.