Friday, April 23, 2010

A bit of progress...

I made some progress on my grandparents' quilt.

First I laid out all the squares I had cut yesterday. I must have looked really funny, kneeling on the floor and moving fabric around. After a bit of shuffling, I was satisfied with how the squares would look.

Then I sewed the top two squares together and the bottom two squares together. Unfortunately, my back started hurting toward the end, so I wasn't able to sew all four squares together. Oh well! I ironed all my seams and then put everything away.

Hubby will be working almost all day on Sunday so I will probably finish sewing the squares together that afternoon. Then I'll start cutting fabric to start the next step!

I like most of the fabric I chose for this project. I bought two fat quarter sets so I wasn't able to pick out each print individually. But I still think the color combinations will look really warm when the quilt is complete. As much as I like this quilt so far, I can't wait to start my next when I actually get to keep it!

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