Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pursuing creativity

What a wonderful day! I was productive and even took some time to be creative!

The original Scrabble tile bag is quickly wearing out. Instead of taping up the seams, I decided to sew a new bag.

I used a fat quarter I had on hand. All I did was measure the size of our old Scrabble bag, cut the fat quarter down to size, and sewed it together. I think it took half an hour, from the cutting to ironing to pinning to sewing. I'm happy with how it turned out!

On Sunday morning, my mother came over for a few hours. We started working on Hazel's mystery quilt. It took awhile for us to get into a groove as I'm super cautious with cutting and this is my mom's first quilt. We spent way too much time trying to figure out which fabric was for binding vs. blocks. It might have been a good idea to label everything when we picked it out in December!

We finished 10 days of instructions and sewed together the first section of the first block. I am really eager to see how everything looks once it is put together. As this is a mystery quilt, I have no idea what the finished project will look like. Here is the first part of the first block:

I can't wait to get back together with my mom so that we can continue our quilt!


Kathy said...

It is fun to get together and quilt with someone! My mom and I do some of the Diary quilt together, especially when one of us needs to get caught up. I work on the small one when I go to her house. My friend is also doing the big one and I sew with her about once a month.

Cassandra said...

Kathy, I agree! When I get together with the ladies at the church, it's more of a class situation as they are teaching me what to do. But it's a lot different getting together with someone who is on the same level with me.

That's neat that you get to quilt with your mom! :)