Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Last long training run before the race

We have a 5k race scheduled on Sunday. I'm so excited!

Tonight we ran 3.13 miles, the last long run before the race. It's 95 degrees outside, so definitely not ideal running weather. We ran it in 43 minutes.

I'm getting faster but I'm still not meeting my time goals. I really want a sub-40 5k. Hopefully I'll be able to run a bit faster when the weather cools down. I've read ideal running temp is 60-65 degrees. That's a bit off our 95 degree running weather.

Tomorrow - 1 mile run, fast as possible
Thursday - 1 mile run, nice and easy
Rest until race on Sunday morning


Corrie said...

Good Luck! That is awesome of you!!

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make.share.give said...

You've practiced and prepared, under 40 minutes will be a piece of cake. That's me talking- the girl who strolls around the neighborhood, one mile=15 minutes. So proud of your hard work!

mycouponbasket said...

Wel done maam.... I wish your hard work to be paid off soon... Keep it up...