Monday, August 8, 2011

Menu Plan Monday


I am still working my way through the Newstart cookbook. We've had some successful meals and a couple we've thrown away. But I'm glad we decided to cook our way through the recipes.

Three Bean Salad

Breakfast – Smoothies
Lunch – Quesadillas
Dinner – Stuffed Green Peppers, pg. 109; salad; French bread

Breakfast – Meal-In-One Breakfast, pg. 22
Lunch – Leftovers
Dinner – Spaghetti; garlic bread; green beans

Breakfast – Smoothies
Lunch – Mini French Pizzas, pg. 125
Dinner – Tacos

Breakfast – Scrambled tofu with onion & mushrooms; Peach Breakfast Cake, pg. 26
Lunch – Subs
Dinner – Lentil Links, pg. 111

Breakfast – Smoothies
Lunch – Pitas with hummus, spinach, tomatoes
Dinner – Tofu Oat Burgers, pg. 116

Breakfast – French Toast, pg. 27
Lunch – Subs
Dinner – Almond Rice Loaf, pg. 112

Breakfast – Smoothies
Lunch – Leftover Almond Rice Loaf
Dinner – Pizza – mushroom, onion, fresh basil, garlic

New recipes scheduled for this week - 8
Total Newstart recipes cooked - 25/269

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Cory said...

I love to see your menu plans. :) Are you vegitarian? I am not, but I was raised that way for many years, and consider going back to it often. I like to see some familiar items like scrambled tofu, with onions, and mushrooms. Or the almond loaf. :) I was raised sort of old school SDA, and where I live now there is a real mix of contemporary, and old school. I wish I could find a happy medium. I was shocked a couple weeks ago to see the more contemporary church in our area had a carne asada cookout at the church. I don't know why I was so bothered, I mean I eat meat... but I guess that is one thing that I really like about the SDA's usually... the health message. And this church threw that out the window. Grr. :( Guess I am hypocritical. I guess I just think people should be respectful of certain values or standards. A few years ago I had a client that went to this same church, and she told me that after church on SABBATH they would go out to eat, cuz her parents didn't want to cook, and wanted to be served! What???!!!!??? It just seemed so opposite to how I believed people of our church to be. Rambling.... anyway... really enjoying your blog.