Monday, August 1, 2011

Menu Plan Monday


Cooking through the Newstart cookbook is still going really well. Last week I didn't make everything on the menu and this week I picked out an even greater number of new recipes to make! We'll see how many of them I will actually cook. I do my best to stick to the menu but occasionally I run out of cooking time or my produce goes bad faster than expected.

I make my menus/shopping lists on Thursdays each week and complete most of my grocery shopping on Fridays. That's why they are Sunday-Sabbath, not Monday-Sunday.

Breakfast – Smoothies (banana/peach)
Lunch – Quesadillas
Dinner – Pasta with yummy yummy sauce and garlic bread

Breakfast – Oat Waffles, pg. 30
Lunch – Stir Fry
Dinner – Pasta Italiana, pg. 127; Onion Rolls, pg. 7
*Extra – Make Tofu Mayonnaise, refrigerate overnight, pg. 158
*Extra – Make Three-Bean Salad, refrigerate overnight, pg. 141

Breakfast – Smoothies (banana/peach)
Lunch – Subs with Tofu Mayonnaise, pg. 158; Three-Bean Salad, pg. 141 (didn’t make last week)
Dinner – Tacos

Breakfast – Breakfast Bar Muesli, pg. 24
Lunch – Subs; Potato Salad, pg. 143
Dinner – Mushroom Stroganoff, pg. 139

Breakfast – Smoothies (banana/strawberry)
Lunch – Pitas with Cucumber Raita, pg. 151
Dinner – Tofu Walnut Loaf, pg. 113

Breakfast – French Toast, pg. 27 (didn’t make last week)
Lunch – Leftover Tofu Walnut Loaf
Dinner – Better Burgers, pg. 114

Breakfast – Smoothies (banana/strawberry)
Lunch – Chow Mein
Dinner – Pizza (mushroom, onion, fresh basil)

New recipes scheduled for this week - 12
Total Newstart recipes cooked - 18/269

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Missie said...

yum looks great! i really need to sit down and plan mine soon!