Friday, August 3, 2012

Pizza Gardening - Day 5

I have sprouts!! I literally squealed when I checked the bags this afternoon. They are barely visible, especially in the photos, but there is just a tiny bit of green in each of the bags.

My oregano is growing the fastest. There are tons of tiny green sprouts poking out of the dirt.


The basil is growing slower but is showing definite signs of progress.


And my tomato has one tiny white-ish shoot. Just a tiny little thing. So cute!!


I know it's early, but I have visions of a really yummy pizza coming out of the oven.


Carrie said...

That's a very cool way to do herbs. I've never seen that. I've failed in the herb area so that's very inspring. Thank you muchly. ;)

Johanna said...

Pizza garden--how yummy!!!